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mom and mike aid they are taking me fishing tomorrow,which i’m excited for because i love doing it but never get the opportunity to do it,but i have to go to bed early

so night night everyone,take care and thank you for cheering me up 

love ya daisydoo,skysky,and tutle ,and everyone who helped me out today  <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

tomorrow is going to be better



Im so tired of all you who say that pewdiepie is a whining baby, or only cares about his money, and NOT his fans, you can suck it up. Because Felix cares. Maybe he sucks at being funny sometimes, but he really does care.

I know where you’re coming from friend. That seems to be a comon misconception about youtubers that can make a living with their channels, that a certain point we stop caring about fans and only care about money. But I’d imagine that Pewdiepie would have the same mentality and everyone else I’ve spoken too. If we make the leap and put faith in fans so we can be able to live off our channels, That’s something that we’re eternally grateful for allowing us that opportunity and we’d do anything to keep those fans happy and entertained first and foremost. We care about them because they care about us.

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Anonymous asked:

if I was there I would have yelled at them to shut their fucking mouths. and then if they continued I'd beat the shit out of them. and then i'd probably get arrested. But i don't care as long as I can protect a friend like you.

i wouldn’t want you to get arrested,i wish i had a phone i could have jsut called 911 

funilittlepumpkin asked:

Jesus fuck, those kids need to STEP OFF. I'm sure if they got the same treatment, they'd feel the same way. If I could I would go over there and use POLITE MOTHERFUCKING SCORN to make sure they knew their place. Maybe. I'm honestly disgusted by them. I hope you're doing better now.

thank you,i on’t know how i feel to be honest

i jsut want to play outside on a warm nice day and not have people grabbing me trying to see if i have a penis 

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