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avianfeline asked:

dude i was workin on another pron draw of noah n kevin and i thought it would be shit but it turnin out good?? ? what?? ? i dont understand ?? ?

that happens to me sometimes when i draw evan

a lot of times i fuck up and sometimes i just do really good and i’m like “how that happen” 


Anonymous asked:

i scrolled past something you reblogged just as i noticed that my mom was snoring and my brain had a very confusing mix up where i assumed for a moment that you were sleeping in the other room

nah dude i sleep under your bed not in the other room 

i think omi cat is going to end up going deaf because he refuses to clean his ears and ends up getting ear mits and shit all gunged up inside his ear to the point when you pet near them it makes a gross ass squshing sound 

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